who is chef loreal gavin



WHO I AM: 30 years young, quirky chef who loves to travel and experience all that life has to offer.  Obsessed with marrying art and science creating a sustainable 'farm to table' style cuisine.  Im originally from Louisiana where I fell in love with the iconic flavors of french cuisine & soul food which are unmistakably salt and peppered through out my dishes. I believe in the magic of  meals made with love, in cast irons with wooden spoons. I spent the remainder of my child hood with my grandmother farming the rich black hills of the midwest, harvesting my wares to share with my family and friends. I've rested my head everywhere from New York city to Maui and everywhere in between. Theres not a cuisine Im uncomfortable executing or a person I can't make laugh. I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky.

WHAT I DO FOR FUN: Play guitar. Paint. Garden. Make art. Ride bikes. Laugh. Drink Bourbon. Sew. Design clothes. Travel. Mod out my dirt bike. embrace challenges. photography. Educate the masses about sustainability. eat heirloom tomatoes. make face masks out of food. sunbathe. sing. record music. visit farms. bring sunshine to a dreary world. Write cookbooks!

CULINARY POINT OF VIEW: always cook with love. don't forget the salt. use the best ingredients possible. shake the hands of farmers. Health is wealth. eat healthy whole foods. Invest in local organic farmers. support individuals who produce meat for us to enjoy with kind sustainable practices. 

FAVORITE THING TO COOK: depends where I'm at in the world and what time of year it is, I let the seasons take the wheel... Mother earth does the hard work for me, I do my best to let her bounty sing from the dirt to the plate. BUT for real I love avocados, tomatoes, tahini and watercress. 

CULINARY TRAINING: Associates degree in Culinary Arts from Sullivan University.  Over 15 years professional cooking experience. My first job was detasseling corn, then I was a dish washer and I just started to work my way up the line. Ive worked with some pretty great chefs over the years. I used to cook for the distillers around Kentucky with chef Michael Crouch. I honed in on my own personal, classical french style and flavors under his wing. I created a ton of beautiful desserts menus as well. Did yawl know Im also a pastry chef? Well now you do! Im a winner of Cut throat kitchen, " The Circus Spectacular" episode. As well as a  Season 10  The Next Foodnetwork Star , season 10 finalist.  Ive been seen on Rachel Ray, The Today Show and most recently The Hallmark Channel. 

WHERE I WORK:  I work for myself nowadays. I do some catering, private events, and classes. I enjoy writing recipes for stellar brands like Nueske's Apple Wood Smoked Meats and Snake River Farms. I do some food photography, food-styling and hospitality consulting. If you're interested on collaborating or would like to me make ya dinner please contact me with the info at the top of this page. I look forward to hearing from you and making your next event a memorable one! I specialize in cooking classes for ALL AGES, catering, pop-up dinners and weekly meal prep. I also create one of a kind Wedding cakes. Thats right Im not a one trick pony

PROJECTS IM WORKING ON: My next cookbook is already in the works. Get ready for an in your face, deep exploration of whats good! My goal is to introduce healthy delicious meat alternatives to people whose diets are currently way too MEAT HEAVY. Why me? Who should I tell that tale? Well, way back in the day I was vegetarian for several years, vegan for periods of time and even a Raw foodist at my most healthy. And you know what? I FELT AMAZING, I LOOKED AMAZING. I want to share my journey back to health as a long time meat enthusiast. If theres one lady to show ya theres more to life than bacon weaves. Its me. 

I've seen quite a bit of things I wish I could erase from my memory as a meat cutter for several years. Check out my BLOG FOR MORE.