Its about time I sat down and shared with you more of my story. Theres a lot to tell and I'm bursting at the seams with things to say and adventures to shred with yawl. When you think of me, imagine easy fun DIY life hacks along with delicious seasonal recipes. Last but not least think of KNOWLEDGE, because its' power! I am sharing what I've learned along the way in the meat, pastry and sustainability realm. 

So how was the TODAY SHOW?

Recently I had the opportunity to go back to New York City. Its hard to say whether it was for business or pleasure at this point. It was such a two minute and fifty second blur its hard to figure it out to be honest. Click the link, and let me know what you think. 

Something funny about TV and filming, you'll be introduced to the saying "hurry up and wait".

Heres What a typical day looks like for a three minute segment. 

WAKE UP AT 4AM ( even though you don't film until like 9am )

get camera ready, except for your hair bc you know WEATHER

get to the studio by taxi, uber whatever

find your way around this huge building while trying not to look super novice or nervous ( trust me its possible )

get to your spot, navigate the snacks, find the coffee and now maintain a fine line of IM AM IN FACT SUPER AMPED UP AMERICA and ALSO I AM NOT THAT AMPED UP AMERICA whilst chilling with a nice mic on your back



Steve Sarro