Its about time I sat down and shared with you more of my story. Theres a lot to tell and I'm bursting at the seams with things to say and adventures to shred with yawl. When you think of me, imagine easy fun DIY life hacks along with delicious seasonal recipes. Last but not least think of KNOWLEDGE, because its' power! I am sharing what I've learned along the way in the meat, pastry and sustainability realm. 

what in the hell is a butcherbabe?

great question. well a butcherbabe is me. and all this ' butcherbabe' stuff really kinda happened by mistake. im basically a mix of bettie page meets peggy bundy. but for real though. 

i have spent my whole life with an straight up hands on approach to things. from a family of farmers; sprung my need to play in the dirt and well get dirty.  Heres a link to a podcast from here in louisville kentucky. 


Steve Sarro